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Anu Yanar

The Silenced Complexity of Architectural Design Studio Tradition was the title of her PhD thesis. She worked on the nature of teaching and learning both in UK and Finland.

As an architect she is teaching pedagogy at the Helsinki University of Technology and working for Orpheus North with Huseyin Yanar. 

some articles Critical Examination of Architectural Design Studio Pedagogy   Who Regulates Student-Regulated Learning?  Architectural design studio as learning environment  Does Active Doing Promote Active Learning?


 Hseyin Yanar

He has been a studio teacher in architectural schools and taught architectural design in various universities in Finland, UK and Turkey. Same of his projects has been built in Turkey and in Finland.

In his M Phil and Doctoral thesis, he has worked on the concept of rhythm in architecture. He is writing regularly in various publications.  

some articles  arkitera.comb e t o n a r t  concreate and architecture git  / go geographical journal R + H sanart / art magazine