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                            		       r p h e u s N o r t h  architects 	 a n u & h ü s e y i n  y a n a r                                                                                                                                                                        				            

 Architecture as a part of daily life 
 Some years ago, in a peaceful afternoon, we were listening music from a radio channel in Helsinki.
 It was a classical melody and a simple one. The piece was finishing. We looked at each others. 
 We both liked it very much. 
 No one was knowing who composed it and what was the name of the melody. 
 The radio speaker told that the melody named as Canon was played by The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. 
 The composer was Pachelbel (1653-1706). It was a music of surpassing simplicity 
 which touching to our senses. It was almost a mantra  which the rhythm was rolling beautifully 
 with the tonality, again and again with the various colours of the harmony. Not only music piece 
 but also the story of composer was extraordinary. 
 Pachelbel was an older contemporary of Bach. Born in Nurnberg, studied in Vienna, played in a couple 
 of important places, rejected the invitation to go to abroad, Oxford and continued in his native Church 
 to enjoy his music. Pachelbel is known very little else apart from his Canon. According to the authorities, 
 even through this melody, he has ensured that his name is still known among Baroque festive very meaningfully 
 and he inspired big masters like Bach, Handel and Purcell. Simply one melody made him a master. 
 The things crossed each others. We remembered the legendary Thracian musician, poet, pedagog and philosopher Orpheus
 and his marvellous story with Eurydice in Greek mythology. Pachelbel, Orpheus, Helsinki, Canon and Architecture 
 came all together.
 This is the symbolic flag and the story of our name called Orpheus North which directs us, the two soul mates 
 to the ocean of the design  in order to explore the things through our sketches in between. Between cultures, 
 disciplines, countries…. And …architecture(s)…whatever it means.
s  k  e  t  c  h,  finnish embassy, canberra, competition project, 1997